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“I want mild, tasteless, predictable coffee,” said no one ever. (True story.) Boring coffee is for suckers – and baby, you won’t see us chowing down on any lollypops ‘round here. That’s why we wrangled some wild AF beans, gave them a pep talk and let them make sweet, sweet love to our roaster. The result? These rebellious lil’ pocket rockets, guaranteed to pack a punch. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Hails from: Ethiopia (Sidamo Guji, 1600-1800 MASL, natural process).

Alias: Single Origin. Filter. Espresso.

Perfect for: The adventurous/ bearded/ jaded/ sexy/ know-it-all coffee connoisseur who likes to challenge their palate.

Personality: Wild. Unpredictable. Punchy. Sassy. May slash your tyres if you break up.

Likes: Statement tees. Punk music. Giving small children the middle finger.

Dislikes: ‘Nice’ boys. Millennial pink. Following expectations.

Smells like: Wine. Clean florals. Chocolate. Fruity notes.  F**k you vibes.

Serve it up: Kicks ass as espresso, filter or cold brew, especially after a late night of studying. (And by ‘studying’, we mean ‘doing shots of whiskey in a dive bar’.)

Stay away from:  Serving too fresh. Trust us; you want this sucker to develop for at least 10 days.

The Rebel

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