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You know how some people think they’re God’s gift to the world? Well, we think this bag o’ beans is our gift to coffee lovers. And yes, while that may seem overly-confident and just a tad arrogant – kinda like our hipster mates who inspired this roast – we’ve got the goods to back it up. Drink it, Instagram the sh*t outta’ it, and give those boring, conformist coffees the (ironic) middle finger.

Hails from:  Ethiopia (Sidamo Guji, 1600-1800 MASL, natural process).

Alias: The Filter.

Perfect for: Cool people who want to look like they DGAF while twirling their beards, designing their next tattoo, or Instagramming their coffee and smashed avo.

Personality:  Strong. Smooth. Slightly cheeky. May leave you with the bill.

Likes: Craft beer. Social Media. Tote bags with feminist quotes.

Dislikes: Conforming. Non-ethically-sourced products. Admitting to being a hipster.

Smells like: Bright florals. Citrus fruit. Chocolate. Superiority.

Serve it up: Filtered, French pressed, or cold brewed. Preferably with your favourite flannel shirt and skinny jeans.

Stay away from: Serving as espresso or with milk.

The Hipster

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