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Not all those who wander are lost; some are just looking for a decent cup of coffee to fuel their next adventure. And we’re not talking about Millennials who go on one Contiki Tour and call themselves ‘intrepid.’ (*eyeroll*) We’re talking about the travellers, the seekers; the wild ones who know it’s the journey – not the arrival – that matters. Just like this bag of beans that hopped, skipped and jumped across continents and oceans to be here.


Hails from: Honduras (El Paraiso, 1600 MASL), Ethiopia (Sidamo Guji, 1600-1800 MASL, natural process), Rwanda (Nyamasheke, 1700 MASL, washed).

Alias: Signature house blend

Perfect for: Coffee lovers who drink for pleasure, as well as the caffeine.

Personality:  Medium bodiedAdaptable. All-around nice guy.

Likes: Music festivals. Street food. Random hook-ups.

Dislikes: Tourists. Small-mindedness. The 9-5 grind.

Smells like: Chocolate. Berry. Citrus. Currents. Wine. Freedom.

Serve it up:  Black or with milk. Goes well with a toastie and a podcast.

Stay away from: Alternative milks. (Unless you’re a mother*cking wizard who can bend any milk to your will. In which case, we bow down to you.)


The Wanderer

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